Mahmud Gavan

Mahmud Gavan
   The famous Bahmani minister Mahmud Gavan, an Iranian by origin, emerged by 1464 as the most in-fluential state functionary under Sultan Muhammad Shah (1463-1482). Gavan contributed to removing a threat from the Malwa ruler as well as to the recovery of Balgaon and Goa from Vijayanagar. He introduced wide-ranging reforms in the civil and military administration. Gavan was counted among the foreigners (afaqis) intensely disliked by local nobles (deccanis). In 1481, some of his opponents produced a forged letter containing trea-sonable matter, which provoked the sultan into having him exe-cuted. Gavan was a very learned man; his private library at Bidar consisted of 3,000 rare books, while his book Riyaz al-insha (Gar-den of Letters) is counted among the excellent specimens of Per-sian prose.

Historical dictionary of Medieval India. . 2011.

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